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At AHN Biotechnologie GmbH, we have a deep-rooted belief in sustainability and a desire to push the boundaries in the life science laboratory equipment industry. Our facilities showcase our commitment to sustainable production through the use of sophisticated and energy-efficient machinery. All our products and brands are a reflection of our vision, embodying the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Whether CAPP, AHN or Maxxline, we consider the most eco-friendly manufacturing practices and products, with the overall aim of eliminating as much plastic as we possibly can.

  • Our cardboard cryogenic storage boxes (produced for both CAPP and Maxxline) are the perfect solution for sustainable sample organisation and preservation; designed for ultra-low temperature performance and excellent thermal stability.
  • CAPP’s Paperbox, with its 100% recyclable box. Perfect, reliable packaging for nonautomated laboratories that rely on using single-channel pipettes
  • AHN and CAPP’s Reload system – spacesaving dispenser towers reduce transport costs and fuel emissions. A sustainable solution for reducing plastic
  • Our packaging materials are carefully selected to ensure that they are not only eco-friendly but also provide adequate protection during transportation and storage We are constantly striving to improve and stay at the forefront of technological advancements. From the raw materials we choose, to the longevity of our products, and the use of recyclable packaging, every aspect of our production process is guided by a commitment to sustainability.

AHN Sustainability Approach



Dive into the AHN Sustainability Concept: Transforming Labware Production for a Greener Future

Sustainable production of plastic labware should not be merely a buzzword used in marketing materials without substantial evidence of an organisation’s actual environmental impact. At AHN Biotechnologie GmbH, sustainable labware production is deeply ingrained in our manufacturing approach, forming an integral part of our core values. We have seamlessly integrated sustainable production into every step of our production process, and this commitment is evident in all our products. We invite you to embark on a journey with us to explore the positive changes we have implemented at AHN Biotechnologie GmbH over the years to ensure the production of sustainable lab consumables.

We use 40% less electricity to produce our Sustainable Lab Consumables

While many life science manufacturers still rely on older hydraulic technologies for injection moulding, our production facility has made a complete transition to electrical injection-moulding. By utilising electric injection moulding, we significantly reduce our reliance on the grid, resulting in up to 40% less energy consumption. Moreover, our adoption of the latest electrical injection moulding technologies not only enables faster production and superior quality sustainable lab consumables, but also helps us lower our overhead costs. As a result, we can offer premium sustainable lab consumables to our clients at a fraction of the price charged by other manufacturers.

Additionally, we are proud to announce that from January 1st, 2023, our electricity production will have achieved zero CO2 emissions.

Check out our Green electricity certificate_EN


Embrace Sustainability with Labware Made from 100% Recycled Plastic

The impact of sustainable plastic labware production on the environment cannot be underestimated. The increased global demand for pipette tips during the recent pandemic emphasised the responsibility we, as manufacturers, have in reducing the impact of the products we provide. As part of our commitment to a greener future, we successfully recycled over 11 million pipette tips in 2021 alone. These recycled tips were reintegrated into our manufacturing process, specifically used in the production of AHN plastic rack boxes.

Currently, our Nordhausen facility achieves 100% production of AHN plastic rack boxes through sustainable plastic labware production methods. This complete cycle in our production flow ensures the redirection of used sustainable lab consumables back into the manufacturing process.

Eco-Friendly Cryostorage Solutions: Plastic-Free Labware for Sustainable Preservation

CAPP and Maxxline cardboard cryoboxes offer a zero-plastic solution for preserving samples at low temperatures. Crafted from responsibly sourced raw materials, our cardboard cryoboxes embody the principles of sustainable labware production. They are not only easy to recycle, but also durable, water-resistant and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, making them ideal for storing life science specimens and reagents. The versatility of the CAPP and Maxxline cardboard cryoboxes is another noteworthy feature, as they can be used with a 9×9 grid or a 10×10 grid for sample separation. Additionally, the grid can be removed entirely to accommodate larger samples, making these lab consumables adaptable to various storage needs. As we continue to experience success with these sustainable consumables, our commitment to refining our production approaches for sustainable plastic labware grows stronger, driving us closer to a greener future. Explore the CAPP and Maxxline Cardboard Cryoboxes today and join us in our sustainability journey.

Visit the CAPP product page now!

Visit the Maxxline product page now!

Sustainable Labware: Eco-Friendly Solutions with Reduced Plastic and Efficient Transportation

In the pursuit of sustainable labware production, addressing transportation efficiency plays a crucial role. At AHN, we have optimised the packaging of our raw materials and sustainable lab consumables to ensure faster product shipments while minimising our carbon footprint. Prime examples of this are our popular Expell Tip Refill System and AHN myTip Reload System, which significantly reduce the space required for conventional tip packaging. As a result, we can save up to 65% cargo space per shipment, allowing us to maximise the load capacity and transport sustainable lab consumables more effectively. These sustainable plastic labware production approaches not only reduce excess emissions from transport vehicles, but also minimise the number of trips needed for delivering sustainable labware. Furthermore, our refill tips contribute to a 59% reduction in plastic usage compared to traditional racked pipette tips. This both reduces carbon emissions during transportation and waste disposal and leads to more competitive pricing for our valued consumers. Explore the Expell Reloading Tips and the AHN myTip Reload System and join us in embracing sustainable labware practices.

Green Dot Certification: Our Commitment to Sustainable Plastic Labware Production

At our company, we are dedicated to implementing a closed-loop approach to sustainable plastic labware production. As part of this commitment, all our products proudly bear the Green Dot Certification (Der Grüne Punkt), guaranteeing the recyclability of our packaging. The Green Dot Certification is a global programme that facilitates the proper handling of sustainable labware and packaging at the end of their lifecycle by returning them to manufacturers for recycling. Through our participation in the Green Dot Certification, we actively engage with our international clients, ensuring that our lab consumables maintain their eco-friendly credentials, even after use, by reintroducing them into the sustainable plastic labware production cycle.

Der Grüne Punkt Zertifikat_EN

The Green Dot Certification, established in 1990 as the pioneering dual system, is responsible for the nationwide collection of used sales packages, thereby supporting the closed-loop economy by obtaining valuable raw materials. As one of the most recognised and protected trademarks worldwide, the Green Dot symbolises the financing for packaging recycling in many countries. Furthermore, the Green Dot is a founding member of PRO Europe, the umbrella organisation for European Grüner Punkt initiatives.

For more information, please visit: About us | Der Grüne Punkt (

Revolutionising Sustainable Lab Consumables: Introducing ZERO-Plastic Pipette Tip Racks

Prepare to be amazed by our groundbreaking ZERO-Plastic Pipette Tip Racks, a game-changer in the realm of sustainable lab consumables. These innovative pipette tips not only deliver exceptional performance but also prioritise environmental sustainability. Bid farewell to plastic rack waste as we proudly introduce our eco-friendly cardboard racks, eliminating the plastic burden by a staggering 100%.

Crafted with utmost care through CAPP’s sustainable labware pipeline, our cardboard racks possess remarkable durability that rivals their plastic counterparts. The coated cardboard design ensures a lint-free experience, significantly reducing the risks of contamination and errors during pipetting.

Embracing eco-conscious practices, CAPP cardboard racks are easily recyclable, allowing you to contribute to a greener future. Furthermore, their compact size saves valuable workbench space, optimising your lab’s efficiency. Step into the future of sustainable lab consumables with CAPP Filter Tips and witness the transformative power of our ZERO-Plastic Pipette Tip Racks. Visit our product page now to explore this cutting-edge innovation!

The Ecotrade Programme: Waste Reduction through Sustainable Laboratory Consumables

In our ongoing efforts to promote sustainability, we have launched the Ecotrade programme, aimed at reducing waste associated with old and defunct pipettes, regardless of brand or condition. Through this programme, customers can send their old pipettes to us via a local distributor. These pipettes are then forwarded to our sustainable plastic labware production facility, where a meticulous process of component stripping takes place. The various materials from these components are recycled in compliance with regulatory standards. It’s important to note that this programme extends beyond CAPP branded pipettes; we gladly accept pipettes from other brands as part of our commitment to responsible recycling and customer service. By choosing CAPP, you actively contribute to the global reduction of lab waste. Explore the ecopipette Single Channel product and join us in our waste reduction efforts.

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